CBC Manitoba is looking for a producer to lead the DNTO (Definitely Not the Opera) production team based in Winnipeg and Toronto 

As posted on CBC's job board:

CBC Manitoba is looking for a producer to lead the DNTO (Definitely Not the Opera) production team based in Winnipeg and Toronto with contributors across the country and around the globe. The team’s primary focus is personal storytelling, so you need to be fearless about getting personal and have a strong sense of how to focus a story. Our team has an incredible reputation for creativity and innovation: we need a producer who inspires and encourages both.

You will be responsible for overseeing content on all media platforms including digital (website, podcast and social media). You are responsible for staffing issues (including regular feedback) as well as identifying and developing talent. You work closely with the program host. You are responsible for program quality, ensuring our on-air product consistently meets the program mission and values as well as CBC journalistic standards and practices. You assign, vet and line-up stories. You lead team meetings which include: weekly story, pitch, planning and feedback sessions. You manage the team workflow as well as generate theme and story ideas for DNTO. You lead special projects, including planning and executing special productions recorded for broadcast before an audience. You contribute to long-term planning as well as to the development of holiday specials and summer series as required.
  • Job requires a university degree or equivalent. with five years' experience of which three must involve work in broadcasting or a closely related industry, which is directly related to the area of assignment.
  • A strong team leader with the ability to inspire others.
  • Demonstrated talent as a programmer with an ear for pacing, tone, presentation and production.
  • Superior writing, editorial and production skills. Interest in cross-platform media production.
  • Solid journalistic background.
  • An ability to choose relevant, audience focused stories, which reflect issues being discussed by the general public.
  • Demonstrated skills in the area of conflict resolution, mentoring, talent recognition and development.
  • An innovator and risk taker.
  • A commitment to reflecting community and diversity. 

Application deadline is March 2. Job reference # WIN00351


For more information go to CBC's job page.