Here is the CBC memo from president Hubert Lacroix on the future of the public broadaster post-budget cuts. 

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Here is the CBC memo from president Hubert Lacroix on the future of the public broadaster post-budget cuts. 


Tough times. I know that the people who are affected by the budget cuts are being told now. I hope you’ll all join me in recognizing their contribution to CBC/Radio-Canada. It's time for hugs, thank yous, and many of them.

Today, I will speak to the Canadian Club in Montreal. I believe – passionately – in what we do, and I plan to take this opportunity to reinforce the unique role we play in this country. Yes, our programs have contributed immensely to our heritage, but we also need to create new legacies and inspire new generations.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen just how strongly Canadians feel about their national public broadcaster. None more so than our own employees. All of that is good. Input is not only welcome, it’s essential: what we need now is a nationwide conversation about public broadcasting, our mandate, the financing model for all participants in the Canadian media ecosystem (including us) and active participation from Canadians interested in it.

That is why we’re accelerating the drafting of our next five-year strategic plan that will take us to 2020. We’re hoping to announce details of the plan at the beginning of the summer.

We will be inviting Canadians to join in the discussion at, where they can provide their input on questions that will contribute to the reflections we are having about the public broadcaster’s next strategic plan. But the conversation needs to be based on facts. We cannot plan for our future without considering our mandate, our financial context and the constant evolution of our environment.

We need your input as well. Don’t forget that the Strategic Direction portal is available to you as a part of the CEO’s Corner on iO!. You are always welcome to share your thoughts with me and the Strategic Direction Team.

I’ll keep you posted, I promise. Later today, my speaking notes from the Canadian Club will be available here.

Talk to you later.



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