CBC Newfoundland and Labrador wins 8 gold awards at Atlantic Journalism Awards

  CBC Newfoundland and Labrador swept the Atlantic Journalism Awards, picking up 8 gold awards including best multimedia feature, breaking news on radio and online news reporting. Here is the complete list of winners and finalists, according to the press release. Online News Reporting Gold: Newsroom – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Tropical Storm Leslie. Silver:…


CBC Newfoundland and Labrador swept the Atlantic Journalism Awards, picking up 8 gold awards including best multimedia feature, breaking news on radio and online news reporting. Here is the complete list of winners and finalists, according to the press release.

Online News Reporting

Gold: Newsroom – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Tropical Storm Leslie.

Silver: Newsroom- The Chronicle Herald – Tense Standoff on Central Halifax Street; Nick Logan – Global Maritimes – Murder of Raymond Taavel.

Best Page Presentation: Newspaper

Gold: Deborah Wiles/Jayson Taylor/Matt Dempsey – The Chronicle Herald – Titanic 100.

Silver: Mike Landry – Telegraph-Journal – A Century of FryeNadine Fownes – The Chronicle Herald – Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children.

Photojournalism Spot News: Newspaper

Gold: Viktor Pivovarov – Times & Transcript- Takedown.

Silver: James West – The Daily Gleaner – Wiggins Fire; Joe Gibbons – The Telegram – Goulds Back Line Barn Fire.

Photojournalism Feature: Newspaper

Gold: Christian Laforce – The Chronicle Herald – Sarah Atwell.

Silver: Christian Laforce – The Chronicle Herald – Handstand Matt; Cindy Wilson – Telegraph-Journal – Whale of a TimeKaté Braydon – Telegraph-Journal – All Eyes on Charles.

Atlantic Magazine Article

Gold: Marjorie Simmins – Progress Magazine – To the Manor Born.

Silver: John DeMont – Herald Magazine – Does Nova Scotia Get the Government it Deserves?; Martin Silverstone – Atlantic Salmon Journal – Atlantic Salmon at the End of the Earth.

Atlantic Magazine: Best Cover

Gold: Saltscapes Magazine – Million Dollar Legs – January/February 2012.

Silver: Atlantic Salmon Journal – Releasing a York Salmon in Murdoch Pool – December 2012; East Coast Living – Summer Escape – Summer 2012.

Atlantic Magazine: Best Profile Article

Gold: John DeMont – Herald Magazine – Graham Day.

Silver: Martin Silverstone – Atlantic Salmon Journal – River Princess; Paul McLeod – Herald Magazine – Kathy Dunderdale's Revolution.

Breaking/Spot News Reporting: Print

Gold: Newsroom – The Telegram – Post Tropical Storm Leslie.

Silver: Brent Mazerolle – Times & Transcript – Smoke Diverts Jet to Metro; Lisa Brown – Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin – Chained in Chelsea.

Breaking News Radio

Gold: Peter Cowan/Tony Dawson/Colleen Connors/Chris Harbord – CBC News – Labrador, NL – Fires Threaten North West River and Sheshatshiu.

Silver: Lynn Robinson – VOCM News, St. John's – Ocean Choice International Locks Out OCI Trawlermen; Phonse Jessome – CBC Radio – Halifax, NS – HMS Bounty Sinks.

Breaking News/Spot News: Television

Gold: Newsroom – CBC News – Halifax, NS – Flooding in Truro.

Silver: Lee Pitts/Rob Antle – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Rome Calls; Ray Bradshaw – Global Maritimes – Halifax, NS – Truro Flooding.

Enterprise Reporting: Print

Gold: Tim Bousquet – The Coast – A Trust Betrayed.

Silver: Laverne Stewart – The Daily Gleaner – CFB Gagetown Military Housing; Shawn Berry – The Daily Gleaner – MLA's Pension.

Enterprise Reporting: Radio

Gold: Peter Cowan – CBC News –  Labrador, NL – Peter Penashue Election Spending Problems.

Silver: Margot Brunelle – CBC News – Halifax – Annapolis Valley Prescription Drug Abuse; Zach Goudie – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Housing Crisis.

Enterprise Reporting: Television

Gold: Amy Stoodley – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Thermography Investigation.

Silver: David Cochrane/Paul Pickett – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Inside Operation Roadrunner; Peter Cowan/Zach Goudie/Rod Etheridge/Paul Pickett – CBC News – Labrador, NL – Burton Winters.

Feature Writing: Print

Gold: David Lindsay – Rural Delivery – Liverpool, NS – Mining for the Common Good?

Silver: Randy O'Donnell – Telegraph-Journal – Chasing Infinite Dreams in Finite Time; Sam Littlefair-Wallace – The Coast – Cousin and Wife.

Feature Writing: Radio

Gold: Mary Lynk – CBC Radio – Halifax, NS – All the Diamonds.

Silver: Chris Brookes – Battery Radio – St. John's, NL – A Bullet for the General; Marie-Élaine Cloutier – Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB – Musique et Mémoire.


Feature Writing: Television

Gold: Robyn Miller – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Mount Cashel Santa.

Silver: Nicolas Steinbach – Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB – Défis d'intégration au N-B; Zach Goudie – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Change Islands' Store.

Business Reporting: Any Medium

Gold: John DeMont – The Chronicle Herald – Finding a Future in the Oceans.

Silver: Jacques Poitras/Christina Harnett – CBC Maritime Magazine – Fredericton, NB – The Chicken War; Paul Gessell – Telegraph-Journal – Labrador Bound.

Sports Reporting: Any Medium

Gold: Dave Atkinson – CBC News – Charlottetown, PEI – Hockey Friendship.

Silver: Tara Chislett – The Daily Gleaner – Van Ban Hard on Schools, Parents; Zach Goudie – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Elijah's Medal.

Arts & Entertainment Reporting: Any Medium

Gold: Stephen Kimber – Atlantic Business Magazine – Six Men, Two Dories and the North Atlantic.

Silver: Kate Wallace – Telegraph-Journal – The Call of the Wild; Mike Landry – Telegraph-Journal – It is Written; Quentin Casey – Telegraph-Journal – State of the Arts.

Commentary: Any Medium

Gold: Ian Thompson – The Chronicle Herald – Halifax, NS – Are Nova Scotians Ready to Rise to Challenges?

Silver: Alec Bruce – Atlantic Business Magazine – Banish Forever the Linguistic Elephant; Russell Wangersky – The Telegram – Trotting out the Bogeyman.

Video Journalist: Television

Gold: Peter Cowan – CBC News – Labrador, NL – Show of Work.

Silver: David Zelcer – CBC News – Gander, NL – Show of Work; Stéphanie Blanchet – Radio-Canada Acadie – Halifax, NS – Show of Work.

Editorial Cartooning

Gold: Bruce MacKinnon – The Chronicle Herald

Silver: Michael de Adder – The Chronicle Herald; Sean Leslie Casey – Cape Breton Post.

Best Multimedia Feature

Gold: Kathryn King/Peter Gosse/David Cochrane – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Operation Roadrunner.

Silver: Deborah Wiles/Jayson Taylor/Rick Conrad/Lois Legge/Kelly Shiers/Eric Wynne – The Chronicle Herald – Titanic 100; Nick Logan – Global Maritimes – Halifax, NS – Voyage of the Titanic.

Best Information News Radio Program (Selected Program)

Gold: Maritime Morning with Jordi Morgan – News 95.7, Rogers Radio – Halifax, NS.

Silver: Information Morning – CBC Radio – Saint John, NB; On the Go – CBC Radio – St. John's, NL.

Best Radio Newscast (Selected Newscast)

Gold: News 95.7 – Rogers Radio – Halifax, NS – The Morning News.

Silver: Acadia Broadcasting – Saint John, NB – CHSJ News 8 a.m.; CBC Newsroom – Halifax, NS – CBC Nova Scotia 7:30 a.m. News.

Best Television News Broadcast (Same Date Newscast)

Gold: NTV Newsroom  NTV News – St. John's, NL – The NTV Evening NewsHour.

Silver: CBC Newsroom – CBC News – Halifax, NS – CBC News Nova Scotia at Six; Global Maritimes – Halifax, NS – The New Brunswick Evening News at Six; Radio-Canada Acadie – Moncton, NB – Téléjournal Acadie.

The Jim MacNeill New Journalist Award

Gold: Amy Stoodley – CBC News – St. John's, NL – Show of Work.

Silver: Carolyn Thompson – Telegraph-Journal – Show of WorkHilary Beaumont – The Chronicle Herald/OpenFile/The Coast – Halifax, NS – Show of Work.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Harry Bruce – Journalist/Author

Student Awards

Georgena Holley – Nova Scotia Community College, Dartmouth, NS

Danielle Bilodeau – Université de Moncton

Khairunnisa Intiar – St. Thomas University

Natascia Lypny – University of King's College

Flavio Nienow – College of the North Atlantic

Geordie Carragher – Holland College

Blair Barrington – Nova Scotia Community College

Brad Perry – New Brunswick Community College

Tamara Baluja is an award-winning journalist with CBC Vancouver and the 2018 Michener-Deacon fellow for journalism education. She was the associate editor for J-Source from 2013-2014.