Toronto's latest all-news TV channel is now on the air and if you're a Rogers subscriber in Toronto you can't miss it as it pops up on channel 'one' when you turn on your cable box.

But it's also livestreaming, as it claims to be the "only Toronto news station to be available live on your TV, on your computer at work and on your iPhone or iPad tablet," writes the Managing Editor of, Richard Bloom, (a former Globe and Mail business reporter who went "digital" after going back to school for his MBA).


Content for the 15-minute news wheel includes stories with writers from other media in the family stable, similiar to Sun TV.  For instance, today a City reporter wrapped visuals around an interview with Maclean's Anne Kingston for a 'news story' about the secret to happy wives. Bloom promises "in-depth analysis from (other) Rogers Media partners," such as Canadian Business and Hello! Canada.

Toronto's other all-news local station, CTV's CP24, on the air since 1998, was once connected to both CITYTV and the Sun newspaper.