Kevin Newman is making good on his new title.

Kevin Newman is making good on his new title. Back in July, Newman was hired as CTV's digital evangelist (and co-host of Question Period). Now, he's leading the digital way at CTV with a daily newsletter — dubbed, appropriately enough, "The Daily Evangelist".

As CTV news president Wendy Freeman says in the announcement, "Kevin’s daily read is just the beginning of a series of measures that will help broaden the reach of CTV News and enrich our partnership with our viewers.  This Daily Digest will help expand conversations about journalism in the social media age."

Newman expands:

"The Daily Evangelist" (had to poke a little fun at my title!) is a way for all of our journalists to share the vibrant conversations underway worldwide about the future of our profession, our visual media, and our role in an emerging era where viewers can access TV news anywhere, anytime."