It’s the duty of all journalists to hold politicians to account for the things they say and do.

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A few readers this week have wondered why the media, including The Globe and Mail, have been picking on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the nanny issue.

“Trudeau Nannies !!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted the subject line from one reader’s e-mail.

“Who is managing the Globe and Mail these days and what is wrong with his/her thought process? Is there nothing else to report on but this kind of nonsense?” one said.

“Really? Do we have to start in on our new Prime Minister already? Can’t we even have 6 months without the media destroying our hope?” asked another.

I told these readers that when politicians campaign on an issue or when they make a statement especially during an election campaign, it is the responsibility of all media to hold them to account for anything that has changed.

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