Transcontinental Media is closing Homemakers after 45 years of publication.

Transcontinental Media is closing Homemakers after 45 years of publication. The last scheduled printed issue is the upcoming 2011 holiday edition.

The magazine currently has 120,000 subscribers, and according to the most recent PMB data over 1.4 million readers per issue.

Despite this, publishers have suggested the magazine didn’t stand out from the many other women’s magazines in Transcontinental’s publishing portfolio: Elle Canada, Canadian Living, Style at Home, More, and Canadian Gardening.

In a release, Pierre Marcoux, senior VP of business and consumer solutions, said:

While this positioning has resonated well with readers, market conditions have made it increasingly challenging to maintain the current business model. After studying several scenarios, we have decided to focus our efforts on developing our core multiplatform brands while pursuing new, innovative publishing initiatives.


Group publisher Lynn Chambers added:

It has been a tremendous privilege to work with the Homemakers team and I share with them a sense of pride that the quality of content in Homemakers has never been higher than it is today. Given the market changes, we have made the very difficult decision to stop publishing Homemakers and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our very loyal readers and advertisers over the years.

The magazine was founded in 1966, starting out as a give-away in stores. Later, under the editorship of Jane Gale Hughes, and then Sally Armstrong, the magazine became known for its skillful mix of food, fashion and lifestyle with harder-hitting national and international stories.

As Masthead reports, Homemakers did not make its 2011 Top 50 list (based on revenue in 2010); it was ranked 18th in 2010 based on its $11.4 million 2009 revenue.