Last week the federal government announced that funding for the CBC would be reduced by 115 million over three years. It was an announcement that was anticipated, despite Heritage Minister James Moore having promised to maintain or increase federal financial support for the broadcaster, and one that has many in the industry speaking out. The anticipation for these cuts spurred public broadcasting advocacy groups to action, including Reimagine CBC. Toronto Star created a conversation space called The Network to discuss the broadcaster. John Doyle went so far as to say “Suck it up, CBC. You should have seen this coming.” An internal memo indicates that there is a town hall being held today to inform employees of CBC’s plan of action moving forward in light of the cuts. Some speculate massive job cuts, while others say there may be a return of radio advertising. CBC says it hopes to continue to work towards its five-year plan, as announced last year, and that includes regional digital services such as CBC Hamilton