Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: Quebec investigative journalist André Noël leaves La Presse to join construction corruption inquiry, CBC and Sun News’ battle over a “private box” at Diamond Jubilee, Sylvia Stead on social media in the newsroom and female journalists in southern Africa continue to experience violence and sexual assault despite relative peace. And today’s read: the Canadian women’s eight Olympic rowing team won a silver medal today. 


In Canadian media:

Quebec investigative journo leaves paper for corruption inquiry

Award winning La Presse journalist André Noël broke some major stories in his career such as: the crumbling state of the Champlain Bridge, two major health care scandals and a book on the connection between organized crime, legitimate business owners and the government. Noël has now been hired as an investigator for the Charbonneau Commission, an inquiry looking into corruption in Quebec’s construction industry.

Battle between CBC and Sun News over ‘distorted’ report on ‘private box’ at Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

On Tuesday, Sun News Network reported that when the CBC was covering the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in London the broadcaster paid between $50,000 and $75,000 for a private box during a concert. An email was published showing an invitation from a CBC producer to colleague to join the private box. However, the CBC released a statement that said the information was “distorted” as the broadcaster didn’t have a private box, but a stand-up position with space for a camera and reporter and paid much less than Sun News reported. Sun News reported that the CBC said the initial email was a joke.

Globe and Mail’s public editor on social media and age in newsrooms

The Globe and Mail’s public editor, Sylvia Stead, weighs in on the debate of who is better at using social media in newsrooms — young twenty-something journalists or older, more experienced ones. She concludes, “who cares” — if people don’t decide whose better suited for the job on skin colour or gender —then age shouldn’t either.



In international media:

Southern African female journalists still suffer from violence, assault and lack of freedom

Although most of southern Africa is peaceful and not suffering from major social conflict, female journalists working in this part of the continent are still exposed to violence, sexual assault and experience a lack of freedom. The article in the Zambia Daily Mail explores the issue and suggests areas in which the industry should change so women can become more equal.


Today’s read:

Silver medal for Canadian women’s eight rowing team

The Canadian women’s eight rowing team nabbed a silver medal today, as they came behind in second to the United States, who are the defending Olympic champions and have gone undefeated since 2005. The Netherlands finished the race at third, followed by Romania in fourth.

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