Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: National Post’s Chris Selly comments on the Toronto Sun’s front page feature where it had a 14-year-old boy purchase alcohol wearing a burka and face veil, after a two-year lockout change transpires at Journal de Montréal, CBSC releases decision on portryal of dwarfism and Ethiopian authorites block 30,000 copies of a paper for reporting on the prime minister’s health. And today’s read: the story of a quadriplegic’s road trip across America and how he found love while doing it.



In Canadian media:

Chris Selley on the Sun’s cover story on buying liquor in a burka

Yesterday’s front page of the Toronto Sun featured a stunt guided by Sun News television personality David Menzies, where a 14-yaer-old boy wearing a burka buys alcohol from three LCBO locations and does not get asked for his age or for his ID. The feature garnered much discussion and National Post’s Chris Selley shares his thoughts.

Journal de Montréal’s 2009 lockout spurs transformation

After the 2009 lockout at Journal de Montréal that lasted two years, the paper has been making some major changes: reporters are out on the streets more than in the office and manage their own stories, the newsroom has become increasingly more digital and a new paywall will be put in place.

CBSC releases decision of broadcasting negative portrayal of dwarfism

The CBSC decided that a clip of a man with dwarfism being used as a bowling ball that was broadcasted on Canadian French language sports channel Réseau des sports (RDS) is discriminatory. It concluded that the clip, which was sent in by a viewer, portrays people of small stature in a negative manner and goes against the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics and Equitable Portrayal Code.



In international media:

30,000 copies of Ethiopian paper blocked by authorities over reports on ruler’s health

After a prominent independent newspaper reported on the health of the country’s Prime Minister Meles Zenwai, Ethiopian authorities blocked some 30,000 copies on grounds of “inciting national insecurity and endangering the government and the public,” the CPJ said. Speculation that the prime minister’s health is deteriorating began after he missed an important regional summit last week.


Today’s read:

Quadriplegic’s road trip across America leads to wedding bells

Greg Moore placed an ad on Kijiji looking for a companion or two for assistance during his journey across the United States. As it turns out, placing that ad started the chain of events that led to finding love and marriage.


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