Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: One journo looks at self-plagiarizing, OMNI to broadcast CEMA Awards, Regulators to consider if Sun News is dependable, says one writer and why one journalist was called to death by an imam. And today’s read: are you getting errors when trying to log on? Here’s why.


In Canadian media:

Journos hold self-plagiarizing writer accountable

New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer was caught plagiarizing his own work a couple of weeks ago. Edward Wasserman for The Vancouver Sun tells the story, discusses the damages and explains how fellow journalists were the ones most upset over Lehrer’s actions.

David Climenhaga on Ezra Levant, Sun News and keeping its agreements

David Climenhaga for writes that Canadian broadcast regulators must consider how dependable Sun News Network will be in keeping its agreements after CBSC ruled that Ezra Levant’s obscenities were not allowed on television.

OMNI to broadcast CEMA’s 34th Annual Awards

OMNI Television will exclusively broadcast coverage of the Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA) 34th Annual Awards. The awards gala celebrates contributions to Canada’s multilingual and multiplatform journalism industry and was taped on June 23 in Toronto. The awards coverage will premiere on television on Saturday, July 14.



In international media:

Moroccan journalist’s defence of sexual freedom results in death call from imam

A journalist and an imam have sparked a debate in Morocco between Islamists and liberals. Elmokhtar Laghzioui, a journalist in the country’s capital Rabat, spoke out defending sexual freedom on television resulting in an imam calling for his death. A number of journalists have protested in support of Laghzioui and the imam has insisted his words did not mean to have the journalist killed. A judicial inquiry has been ordered into the case.


Today’s read:

Internet down today? Don’t worry — the FBI is shutting down scams

Experts say that about 9,000 Canadian-owned computers may lose Internet access today while the FBI shuts down temporary servers used to stop a scam. Some computers may be infected with the scam — its anti-virus software and system updates have not been working.


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