Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: protests bore media (and how the media has portrayed them), how to report on health and science, and a how a financial journalist rakes in the dough. And today’s read: police identify victim in bizarre Montreal murder case. 

In Canadian media:

HuffPost media critic: protests becoming a snore to media

The Huffington Post’s media critic J.J. McCullough thinks that after so much coverage of the Montreal student protests, opinion writers are losing fuel.

Student protests: the Post examines how media is portraying students

Tasha Kheiriddin of the National Post discusses the extensive media coverage of the Montreal student protests and which organizations and their reporters are in favour of the movement — or not.

How to report science from ‘Science-ish’

Science-ish is a joint blog of Maclean’s, the Medical Post and the McMaster Health Forum, which analyzes the way journalists report on health and science. Julia Belluz, associate editor at the Medical Post, gives journos five tips from Science-ish to keep in mind when reporting health and science.


In international media:

UK personal finance journalist sells website for $140 million

Personal finance journalist Martin Lewis sold his money saving website, which gives readers money saving advice, for £87million or $140 million Canadian to a price comparison company called MoneySupermarket.


Today’s read:

Police say Montreal murder victim Chinese university student

Luka Rocco Magnotta’s victim has been identified as a 33-year-old Lin Jun, a Chinese Concordia University student who has been declared missing by the Consulate General of China.



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