Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: A Vancouver couple launches a new national paper, Sirius XM Canada’s cuts to artist development, a reporter’s new government job and new press freedom is celebrated with reservation in Myanmar. And today’s read: Alberta’s second oil spill of the month.


In Canadian media:

Vancouver couples launches British expat newspaper in Canada

Matthew Millar and Alexandria Mitchell are celebrating their first edition of Union Jack. The couple have licensed the Canadian publishing rights to the 30-year-old paper that is based in California.

Sirius XM Canada asks CRTC to cut artist funds by 90 per cent

The Toronto-based satellite radio company Sirius XM Canada is experiencing its first time licence renewal since it was issued in 2005. It is hoping to save millions per year and is asking that the CRTC to cut its mandatory contributions to artistic development funds by about 90 per cent.

Sudbury journo on his colleague’s move to government communications job

Northern Life reporter Darren MacDonald shares his thoughts when he saw his former journalism colleague take up a new job as Sudbury’s mayor’s communications and media adviser.



In international media:

Journalists in Myanmar rejoice over new press freedom — with some hesitation

Media censorship is due to end this month in Myanmar as the country's new civilian government implements a number of reforms. Although the journalists are celebrating their newly found press freedom, they hope that this doesn’t cause different forms of repression. The journalists are now exposed and need to remain accurate and responsible.


Today’s read:

Alberta experiences second oil spill this month

A pumping station on Enbridge Inc.’s Athabasca pipeline leaked an estimated 230,000 litres of heavy crude oil. The amount has not been confirmed, but the Energy Resource Conservation Board’s Darin Barter says that it’s a “significant” amount of oil.


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