Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: B.C. cartoonist’s animation pulled off website, CBC/Radio-Canada’s Board of Director gets new Chairperson, CTV London reporter wins SONG award and a young journalist writes about experiencing sexual assault while reporting. And today’s read: Neiman Lab helps you test your own news bias. 


In Canadian media:

Cartoonist says his paper backed down after threats over Enbridge cartoon

Veteran political cartoonist Dan Murphy’s video parody of Enbridge Inc.’s proposed Northern Getaway pipeline created some tension between the company and his newspaper, the Vancouver Province. Murphy says Postmedia News (the publisher of the Province) removed the cartoon from the paper’s website following a threat from Enbridge to pull advertising with the Postmedia. However, Enbridge denies this claim.

CTV London reporter wins SONG award

Veteran CTV London reporter and anchor Sean Irvine has been awarded the Southern Ontario Newspaper Guild’s (SONG) Labour Journalism Award. The award is for Irvine’s five-part series on the closing of Ford Motor Company’s assembly plant in St. Thomas, Ont.

CBC/Radio-Canada’s new Chairperson

The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Officials Languages appointed Rémi Racine as the new Chairperson of the CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors. The term will last five years. Racine is already a member of the CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors.



In international media:

Young British journo recalls sexual assault while covering Egypt’s election

Student journalist Natasha Smith recalls a horrific sexual assault she experienced in Egypt’s Tahrir Square while covering the country’s election. She wrote about the experience in her blog.


Today’s read:

A test of bias in journalism

Jonathan Stray poses this question: “not how we can decide if the news is biased, but how each of us actually does decide — and what it means for journalists.” In his article for, he offers to test your own biases and explores how, when and why we are subjective.


Angelina King is a freelance journalist who works as a reporter for CTV News Channel in Toronto. She previously reported for CTV in her hometown of Saskatoon and is a graduate of Ryerson University's journalism program. Angelina has a special interest in court and justice reporting, but is always grateful to share a human interest story. You can reach her at: @angelinakCTV.