Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: The Globe’s public editor justifies use of Magnotta’s photos, journos receive honorary degrees, Mathew Ingram on digital papers and a Venezuelan paper victim of a shooting attack. And today’s read: veteran journalist Barbara Walters apologizes for creating a conflict of interest with Syrian aide. 


In Canadian media:

The Globe’s public editor responds to criticism of coverage of Magnotta case

The Globe and Mail’s public editor, Sylvia Stead explains why the paper covered the Luka Magnotta case the way it did and responds to some readers’ criticism.

Broadcasters and reporters among those receiving honorary degrees

Two Toronto Star reporters are receiving honorary degrees from York University, and two broadcasters are receiving honorary degrees from other Greater Toronto universities.

Mathew Ingram: what happens when newspapers turn strictly digital

Mathew Ingram of Gigaom explores what happens to a newspaper cuts its printing and turns to the internet only. Can it still be a watchdog and serve the public? Or does it get lost among all the other voices on the World Wide Web.



In international media:

Third violent attack against media organization in Venezuela this week

Version Final Newspaper in northwestern Venezuela is the third media outlet to be attacked in the country this week. Gunmen began shooting at the newspaper’s headquarters around midnight on June 3.


Today’s read:

Barbara Walters apologizes for helping Syria’s president’s aide

Veteran journalist Barbara Walters admits to trying to help Syria’s president’s aide get an internship with CNN and a spot at Colombia’s School of Journalism program. She apologized for creating a conflict of interest.


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