Today's round-up of media links from Canada and beyond: Thoughts on the CBC and Jan Wong, going in-depth at The Globe and Mail as well as a British journo who passed away. And today's read: An interview with Alfred Hermida on Twitter and journalism. 



In Canadian media:

Former CBC executive thinks the CBC will wither without some risk

Richard Stursberg, former CBC executive thinks that the broadcaster is ultimately a creative organization and these types of organizations thrive off new, daring and controversial material. Stursberg writes that if the CBC abandons this, its future looks bleak.

The Globe and Mail takes readers inside how it covered Rafferty’s guilty verdict

In a world of breaking news it can be difficult to layout a newspaper for the following day. The Globe and Mail explains how lucky guesses and advanced planning helped to cover the late breaking news of Michael Rafferty's guilty verdict.

Former Toronto Star editor’s thoughts on Jan Wong, her new book and The Globe’s actions

John Miller, a former editor and reporter and retired Ryerson Journalism professor (and the subject of many Ezra Levant rants) gives a detailed background and interesting insight into the backlash Wong has received.


In international media:


British journalist and broadcaster Jane Furnival dies at 55

Furnival died Monday in her home after a four year-struggle with breast cancer. She was known as the ‘Queen of Thrift’ for her Mr. Thrifty columns she wrote on saving money, which she turned into a book.


Today’s read:

An interview with journalist Alfred Hermida about verification in the Twittersphere

Craig Silverman of talks to Hermida, a founding member of as well as a journalism professor at UBC about his two research papers on Twitter during the Arab Spring.


Correction: A previous version of this post referred to John Miller as a journalism professor at Ryerson University, when in fact, Miller has retired. 

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