Today’s round-up of media links from Canada and beyond: Hating on young journos, AJAC tests fuel efficiency, Globe readers question Jason Kenney and the failings of journos covering Sri Lanka. And today’s read: inside the police charges of Toronto’s G20 summit. 


In Canadian media:


Look out young journalists, there seems to be a lot of hate

John Michael McGrath of OpenFile picks up on a new media trend: seasoned journalists of today are giving quite a bit of flack to young journalists.


Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) put hybrid cars to the test

The Province’s Bob McHugh writes about his experience as one of the drivers for the Eco Run fuel efficiency demonstration that wrapped up last week. The AJAC organized a three-day event where journalists drove 22 electric or hybrid cars with fuel-saving technology from Brighton to London Ont. to test their fuel efficiency.


The Globe and Mail includes its readers in a video chat with immigrant minister Jason Kenney

When The Globe video chatted with Kenney as part of their series, The Immigrant Answer, it included three readers with questions in the chat.



In international media:


Former BBC correspondent thinks journalists failed in covering Sri Lankan war crimes

Yesterday marked three-years since the end of conflict in Sri Lanka. Frances Harrison, former BBC correspondent in country, thinks that journalists did not dig deep enough. She asks the question, “Every journalist has heard of Srebrenica. How many have heard of Mullivaikkal where just as many perished?”


Today’s Read:


Inside G20: 45 officers to be charged including five senior officers

The senior officer who ordered police to “kettle” protestors is among 45 officers to be charged with misconduct in the G20 summit two years ago. The province’s police complaints watchdog’s latest report identified hundreds of unlawful arrests and examples of police using excessive force.



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