Today’s round-up of media links from Canada and beyond: The Globe and Mail’s behind the scenes story, an automotive journo’s journey, Facebook’s new camera app and publishing cuts for a daily paper. And today’s read: radio host’s thoughts on Quebec’s proposed tuition hike. 


In Canadian media:

The Globe and Mail shows its readers how it created their immigration interactive

The Immigrant Answer is a series by The Globe and Mail, that delves into the issue of immigration in Canada. It created the interactive feature, Rethinking immigration: the case for 400,000 solution, and now its taking readers behind the scenes to show how it was created.

Facebook launches new camera app

After buying photo-sharing app Instagram for roughly $1 billion, Facebook launched a free camera mobile app yesterday. Facebook says that the camera will make it easier for journalists to share photos from the scene of their reporting.

Automotive journalist drives classic truck to salute his father

The National Post’s Howard J. Elmer is driving a 1971 Chevy Cheyenne from Wyoming back to Canada, a car that resembles his father’s original truck. He will stop in Flint, Mich., to bring it to the plant where it was first built. He is writing about his journey — check it out here.



In international media:

New Orleans daily paper cut back to printing three days a week

One of America’s oldest papers, the Times Picayune is the latest daily newspaper to cut its publishing schedule to just three days a week. New Orleans is now the largest city in the U.S. without a daily newspaper.


Today’s Read:

Radio host John Moore’s thoughts on Quebec’s tuition hike: “it’s the older generation that’s entitled”

John Moore, host of Moore in the Morning on Newstalk 1010 AM Toronto, sides with Quebec students in his piece for the National Post. He writes about his thoughts on the proposed tuition hike.

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