Today’s round-up of media links from Canada and beyond: Journos illegally arrested at G20, Toronto Star in Mayor’s office, military: Citizen reporter 'needs to be curbed' and Al Jazeera’s hopes of international sports broadcasting. And today’s read: The end of the line for CP Rail’s strike.



In Canadian media:

Police illegally arrested journos during G20

A watchdog agency found that two Toronto police sergeants illegally arrested two alternative media journalists during the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010. The two sergeants are facing disciplinary hearings and one officer allegedly hurled a homophobic slur. The arrest was caught on tape by a bystander and can be seen here.

Toronto Star reporter sets foot in Mayor’s office

Urban Affairs reporter Robyn Doolittle took advantage of the city’s Doors Open Toronto event to catch a glimpse of what Mayor Rob Ford’s office looks like. The Toronto Star even made a cheeky video of Doolittle’s trek to the Mayor’s office — a place no Star reporter has been in a year and a half.

Afghan vet’s suicide inquiry: military thought reporter ‘needs to be curbed’

 The 2008 suicide of military veteran Stuart Langridge garnered much media attention two years after his death, which prompted the military’s public relations to ward off criticism. A memo, heard by an Ottawa inquiry, said that the chief of the Canadian Force’s National Investigative Service told his media relations officer that an Ottawa Citizen reporter’s inquiries about discipline of officers “needs to be curbed.” 



In international media:

Al Jazeera hopes to become global sports broadcaster in five years

The Middle Eastern broadcaster, Al Jazeera hopes to build a global empire for sports broadcasting. Next week it will launch its new sports channel in France and plans for two additional channels in the U.S. by August.


Today’s Read:

Harper government expected to end CP Rail strike today

Today may be the last day of striking for the 4,800 employees of Canadian Pacific Railway. The Conservative government is expected to introduce a back-to-work legislation today. A news conference will be held today at 1:45 p.m. ET.


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