Today’s roundup of media links from Canada and beyond: Postmedia should invest, says CWA, Inuit broadcaster passes away, CBC Sask. wins awards and Greek journos strike. And today’s read: The Globe’s Sylvia stead on British media 

In Canadian media:

CWA advises Postmedia: instead of cutting jobs, invest like Warren Buffet

After Postmedia revealed yesterday that it was cutting dozens of jobs, the Communication Workers of America Canada (CWA), the union that represents Postmedia employees affected, urged the company to invest in quality journalism rather than slash jobs. The move would signify following the lead of billionaire investor, Warren Buffet, who invested in local newspapers earlier this month, CWA says.

Inuit broadcaster dies at 65

Pioneer of Inuit broadcasting Jonah Kelly passed away Saturday evening in an Ottawa hospital at the age of 65. His voice became one of the most recognized on CBC Radio and Television during his career, which lasted more than 30 years.

CBC Sask. in winning circle at Yorkton Film Festival

Two CBC Saskatchewan productions won Golden Sheaf Awards at the Yorkton Film Festival in Saskatchewan. Two journalists, Geoff Leo and Brett Bradshaw, won awards for their documentaries, which are both based on Aboriginal issues.


In international news:

Greek journalists angry over pay cuts: strike, cause news blackout

Journalists in Greece staged a 24-hour strike yesterday. They stopped all television and radio broadcasts, updates on many online news sites and halted printing for today’s paper. The journalists are upset over pay cuts and rising unemployment.


Today’s read:

Globe’s public editor examines the bad behaviour of British media

Sylvia Stead of The Globe and Mail examines the different culture of journalism in Britain and why their press standards are lower than most.


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