Today’s media links from Canada and beyond: a foreign correspondent on The Middle East, Global News adds programming, the Post’s easiest crossword and UK journo free of charges of phone-hacking leak. And today’s read: developing reports connecting hand, foot and torso discovered yesterday.


In Canadian media:


CBC foreign correspondent Nahlah Ayed talks to The Globe about her relationship with The Middle East

Nahlah Ayed tells The Globe’s Sarah Hampson about her very complicated relationship with The Middle East and what it’s like to be surrounded by violence for years.  

Global News boosts programming across Canada

Global News has boosted its programming, it will have more than 40 hours a week this fall. The additional programming includes Global Toronto’s News at Noon and a new one-hour prime time newscast in Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg.

National Post’s crossword blunder

Yesterday’s crossword in the National Post was much easier than most. The newspaper published a pre-solved crossword puzzle, which frustrated some readers. This week the paper is also offering readers a build-it-yourself, six-part, life-size painting of Queen Elizabeth II. The first part was in Monday’s paper and will the last will be in Saturday’s.


In international media:

Guardian journo not charged in phone hacking scandal

The Guardian reporter Amelia Hill has not been charged for illegally obtaining information from police to break a story. Hill is one of two journalists who first reported the phone hacking incident by the News of the World.


Today’s read:

Severed hand, foot and torso linked

Yesterday was a bizzare day for those working at the Prime Minister's office. A severed human foot was sent to the Tory headquarters. Tuesday night, police found intercepted another suspcious package — this time containing a human hand, not addresed to the Prime Minister's office. Late this morning police confirmed the hand and foot are linked to a decomposing torso found in a suitcase in Montreal. 

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