Kim Fox has joined liveblogging platform ScribbleLive as content director for Scribble Market, a digital marketplace for real-time content. She left Newsana after a year as its chief community officer.

Kim Fox has joined live blogging platform ScribbleLive as content director for Scribble Market, a digital marketplace for real-time content. She left Newsana after a year as its chief community officer.

Fox, who stepped into her new position Monday, says she will be setting editorial standards and quality for the marketplace. News organizations and other clients can either charge to allow syndication of their content, or put it in the market for free. She'll also be working to find out what type of content works well with Scribble's syndication model. 

"I'm passionate about working with newsrooms (and) media companies to create alternative sources of revenue and taking the tools that exist in the room — storytelling, great journalism — and figuring out how to work with them to get those revenue streams going," Fox says. "And I think Scribble Market and ScribbleLive is going to play a big role in that … collaborating and contributing to that ultimate goal makes me feel thrilled." 

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Fox joined Newsana, which launched in April, in its beginning stages because she says she wanted to work at a startup to build a product from the bottom up. 


Newsana co-founder Ben Peterson says "Kim helped us take Newsana from just an idea when we hired her … (to) the initial product development and building the community for Newsana."

Fox's former duties have been divided up between Newsana staff, says Peterson, and that position is being re-evaluated. "While we will likely make another hire shortly, the job description will probably be modified from the role that Kim played." Fox also trained a community intern just before she left. 

Newsana sent out an email earlier this month with the subject line: Newsana Founders’ Problem: VIP Invites, but it isn't a distress signal, says Peterson. It's part of the company's initiative to be more transparent about what's happening at the business level with its community members.

"There'll be some big changes in the next couple months to the user experience, to the design, to some of the elements of the site based on user feedback," Peterson says.

Those changes coincide with Fox’s stance that it's time for Newsana to push forward with marketing efforts now that the community has been established.

ScribbleLive is also ramping things up, after raising $8 million in a round of funding last month. "They knew that they were taking this marketplace to the next level now and they were looking for someone to lead the vision on the content side. The CEO and I had a conversation and it was a really exciting opportunity for me," she says. “It was all timing.”