To: All Bell Media Team Members

Cc: Bell CP5/6/7 leaders

From: Mary Ann Turcke, President, Bell Media

Subject: Bell Media Organizational Update


As we continue with the final phase of our restructuring, there will be further departures at Bell Media beginning today and continuing on a building-by-building basis through much of November.

Your leader will keep you updated on our re-org and any changes to your team. At the end of the month, I look forward to updating everyone and answering your questions at a national video Town Hall.

Change like this is never easy for any company, especially one that has had such a strong track record of past success. But our industry is evolving quickly, and our company must do so as well in order to continue to lead. All departing employees will be treated with respect and sincere appreciation for their contributions to our company.

My thanks to everyone for your continued patience and support as we build a Bell Media able to compete and lead in the fast-changing Canadian media industry.


H.G. Watson was J-Source's managing editor from 2015 to 2018. She is a journalist based in Toronto. You can learn more about her at