Skok was most recently Managing Editor and Vice President, Digital, at the Boston Globe.

The following memo was sent to Toronto Star staff on Sept. 30, 2016, from Michael Cooke, Editor, and Chris Goodridge, Chief Operating Officer, Digital, Star Media Group and Senior Vice President, Digital Ventures.

We are delighted to announce that David Skok, most recently Managing Editor and Vice President, Digital, at the Boston Globe, is coming to the Star as Associate Editor and Head of Editorial Strategy for all digital platforms and products.

David will work closely with Irene and Michael, and the entire newsroom, along with our digital product team led by Chris Goodridge, to develop bold, sharper, edgier ways of telling our stories online, on social platforms, and on various distribution networks. David will report to the managing editor on news issues and to Chris and the Editor on strategic direction.

Before moving to Boston, David was instrumental while in Toronto when he launched, a site that grew rapidly in audience and journalistic acumen, recording triple-digit annual growth.

More broadly, David  co-wrote “Breaking News: Mastering the art of disruptive innovation in journalism,” written with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen. I urge you to read, watch, or listen to the report, here.

David wrote the Nieman Reports cover story during his Martin Wise Goodman Nieman fellowship year at Harvard University in 2012.  Martin Goodman is a familiar name around One Yonge as the former editor and president of the Toronto Star, who himself was a Nieman Fellow in 1962.

David will visit the newsroom in two weeks to introduce himself and will arrive for good in early November.

Please join us in welcoming him.

Sincerely – Michael & Chris