The Metro Ottawa team will move to the Metroland offices in Nepean.

The following memo was sent to Star Media Group staff on Dec. 12, 2016 from Sandy MacLeod, Chief Operating Officer, Print. 

Earlier today I met with the staff of Metro Ottawa to announce continued co-operation with the Metroland Ottawa group. Over the past few months we have been working diligently to identify opportunities to integrate operations in Ottawa leading to lower costs such as  encouraging content sharing and increasing our cross sales opportunities.  We’ve made progress in lowering our production fees, have aligned our commercial printing needs to the benefit of the Metroland print operation, and have successfully integrated our trucking operation.

The next logical step is sharing of physical office space. We will close the Metro Office on Slater Street in downtown Ottawa and join the Metroland team at their offices in Nepean. This move will not only lower our operating costs it will also encourage further collaboration between the two organizations.

The Metro team will continue to be a distinct operation and will have separate space at the Colonnade Road location. The move is planned for early February.  A transition team will be formed to work on all of the finer details in the weeks to come.

The media business continues to evolve and these changes help position Metro Ottawa for growth in the months ahead.

H.G. Watson was J-Source's managing editor from 2015 to 2018. She is a journalist based in Toronto. You can learn more about her at