Mike Hornbrook is retiring from CBC Radio News after nearly 30 years with the public broadcaster. Mike Hornbrook was the economics correspondent for CBC Radio News.

"For nearly a decade, Mike has been the steady voice of expertise and reason around the often dizzying ups and downs of economic trends affecting Canadians," said CBC managing news editor Joanne McPherson and executive director Jonathan Whitten in a memo announcing Hornbrooke's retirement. 

Hornbrook spent 10 years working as foreign correspondent in the Middle East and Russia. He covered both wars in Chechnya and the U.S. invasion of Iraq. 

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"Mike is one of those reporters who has truly earned all the respect he gets from his colleagues. He possesses so many of the classic qualities that make a good reporter: curiosity, skepticism, determination, high-level critical thinking, and a good stubborn streak. But for someone who's stubborn, Mike also showed real flexibility. He'll be the first to tell you how hard it can be to return to Canada after a foreign posting. But he threw himself into his economic beat and turned these past few years into some of the best of his career. His chronicling of Conrad Black's legal woes was astonishingly good, and always — ALWAYS – fair," added managing editor of radio news Jack Nagler in the memo. 

Hornbrook also worked as national reporter for CBC Radio from 1989 to 1994 covering the Maritime provinces, and worked for local bureaus reporting from Regina, Whitehorse and Halifax. 


Tamara Baluja is an award-winning journalist with CBC Vancouver and the 2018 Michener-Deacon fellow for journalism education. She was the associate editor for J-Source from 2013-2014.