In the December/January 2013 issue of More Magazine, editor-in-chief Linda Lewis tells readers she's fighting leukemia. On Wednesday, Transcontinental Media announced this issue would be More's last.

When readers of More Magazine received their holiday issue this week, they were shocked to read that the editor-in-chief, Linda Lewis, is in hospital fighting cancer. In her editor's note, she describes how she's fighting AML, "a particularly brutal form of leukemia."

Lewis, 51, has been editor of the women's magazine since the Canadian edition was launched by Transcontinental Media in 2006. In her letter, she promises to get back to work as soon as possible. However, there is no more More Magazine to edit since it announced a shutdown this week along with Vita

The traffic on Lewis' Twitter, @lindaonleukemia, grieves the loss of the magazine and wishes her well in struggling through chemotherapy. Lewis – who wrote the editorial weeks ago – calls herself "another woman struggling to survive" (and hopefully go into remission and subsequently receive the only cure – a bone marrow transplant). 



Update: Nov. 22

Toronto Star's Judith Timson spoke with Lewis for a column that ran on Thursday. Lewis was "devastated" over the magazine folding, but said: “Let’s prioritize here. I am mainly concerned for my staff.”

And as Timson writes: "When you’re fighting for survival, the death of your professional dream is irrelevant."

Lewis said she wished not for this to be called a "battle" because “that implies a certain amount of control.”

Kim Pittaway, a now-former MORE contributor, described Lewis as a "really great magazine" in and of herself: “She’s got humour, depth and style, and she’s that smart companion you want over a glass of wine.”

Timson's Toronto Star column on the folding of More Magazine and Lewis's latest round of chemotherapy can be found in full here