has launched with its new model for journalists and audiences after more than three years of planning. Find out more about this new service.

Hey folks, after 3 1/2 years of planning and execution, the first ad-
free media site in the world dedicated to original, long-form  
journalism has launched. The only source of revenue for,  
based in Montreal, is the sale of stories for 40 cents each to  
individual readers. Freelance journalists who write for the site  
maintain copyright as well as moral rights, and can track their story  
sales and royalties 24/7 by geography or chronology.

Let's show some tangible support for this innovative effort in favour  
of independent journalism by registering as readers on  
For as little as $1.20 (plus sales tax in Canada), you can buy three  
articles on the site. If you like the stories, you can then press the  
"Recommend To A Friend" button to help get word out to other potential  
readers about this new initiative. Getting word out to other readers  
could eventually benefit you, as writers.

Reading some stories will also give you an idea, as writers, of the  
quality of content and the visual treatment accorded the layouts.Those  
of you who think that you might be interested in learning more about  
writing  for can click on the link at the bottom of the  
Home Page, titled "We Welcome New Contributors!"