OpenFile Montreal reporter gets arrested at a Montreal student demonstration and tweets his way to being rescued. 


OpenFile Montreal reporter Justin Ling was arrested last night while covering a student demonstration in Montreal. Just after midnight OpenFile tweeted to police for help in locating Ling.

After seeing the tweets, people who know him did the same. He was released within the hour, just before 1 a.m. Ling’s twitter feed recounts the story and includes a tweet saying “Here come cops” followed by an attempt to write ‘I’m under arrest,' which looked like:

Ling's arrest — and subsequent releases, thanks to Twitter — comes less than a week after a handdful of Montreal student journalists faced the same situation. But unlike the student journalists, the OpenFile reporter had credentials which he tried to show police but had no luck. Ling, who had been covering the protests nightly, wrote a first-person account for Openfile Montreal about his arrest. Check it out here




Angelina King is a freelance journalist who works as a reporter for CTV News Channel in Toronto. She previously reported for CTV in her hometown of Saskatoon and is a graduate of Ryerson University's journalism program. Angelina has a special interest in court and justice reporting, but is always grateful to share a human interest story. You can reach her at: @angelinakCTV.