A peer-reviewed journal called Digital Journalism will be launched in February 2013.

The major change of digital journalism in the industry is now getting much scholarly attention. A new academic journal, which will focus on the emerging trends of digital journalism, will be launched in February of next year. The journal, appropriately titled Digital Journalism is an international peer-reviewed academic journal that will engage scholarly discussion, analysis and response to not only digital journalism but to the economic, political and cultural developments of journalism as well. Some of the topics include: social media as sources and drivers of news, digital media and the future of journalism and the personalisation of news. To start, Digital Journalism will be available three times a year, but there are plans to increase the number in the future. The first issue will be available online for free, according to Journalism.co.uk

The journal will be edited by Bob Franklin, professor of journalism studies at Cardiff University in Wales. Franklin already edits Journalism Practice, a multidisciplinary journal, which focuses on the professional practice of journalism and Journalism Studies, a peer-reviewed journal, which focuses on journalism as academic inquiry and a profession.

Bob Franklin told Journalism.co.uk that the journal’s aim is to “catalogue” some of the radical changes the journalism industry is faced with.

The journal’s editorial board includes a long list of international scholars within the field of journalism. Alfred Hermida, an associate professor at the University of British Columbia’s school of Journalism, an award-winning journalist and author of papers discussing the role of new media in journalism is the only Canadian on the journal’s editorial board.


For more information about the new journal, check out the post on Journalism.co.uk here.




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