After confronting Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale in the park behind his Etobicoke home last Wednesday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has made a few headlines, to say the least. Dale and Ford agree on a few things: namely, that the reporter called for help, was terrified and fled. Some essentially called him a wuss for it. Others pointed out that rhetoric like that is a major problem. (And still, on Rob and Doug Ford’s Newstalk1010 radio show, it was suggested by Toronto Sun’s David Menzies that the Star sent its most “effeminate” reporter on purpose.) Also, the mayor threatened to not talk to any media if Dale was present. At the weekly weigh-in on Tuesday, he kept true to his word, taking no questions. Brother Doug spoke up though, saying he felt bad for Dale for being “thrown underneath the bus” by the Star (which Dale said wasn’t the case). And in perhaps the most ironic happening since the ordeal began, the Mayor spoke at a function supporting World Press Freedom week. After his speech, he proceeded to take a total of zero questions from the press.