In a passionate call for a return to storytelling, Roy MacGregor, blames the an "obsession with 'content'" for applying pressure on reporters to "file, file, file" to produce content that lack substance.


MacGregor says reporters are treated like "hamsters stuck in an endless wheel, spinning nowhere. They must set up games, tweet from morning skates, transcribe tape, blog from the rink, upload video that no one watches, and file, file, file …"
While he writes about sports reporting, reporters covering anything and 'everything', (of course), may recognize the world he describes. This is not the screed of a Luddite, as MacGregor points out, but someone whose passion for knowing and sharing stories is less and less compatable in world in which "tweeting and blogging have become a form of public masturbation, where size matters – as in number of hits or followers one can attract. Hits, newspapers will one day realize, are not circulation."