The Globe and Mail is opening a new Latin American bureau with NNA-winning journalist Stephanie Nolen as bureau chief. She is currently The Globe’s South Asian correspondent. 

The Globe and Mail is opening a new Latin American bureau with NNA-winning journalist Stephanie Nolen as bureau chief.

Nolen told J-Source in an email that she hopes to be in Rio de Janeiro, pending visa clearances, by August. She is currently The Globe’s South Asian correspondent and formerly reported from Johannesburg as well.

In a memo sent out to staff, The Globe’s management team said its “new Latin America bureau is a bold statement about where The Globe and Mail and Canada are headed in the new century.” Nolen will write for the foreign desk and the Report on Business sections.

Nolen said The Globe has been discussing a Latin America bureau for several years now. 


"It's a brave thing, I think, for the paper to be opening a new bureau – in a very expensive place – in this business climate, and I think it shows an admirable commitment to foreign coverage," she said. "Brazil is a really exciting new post for me, coming after South Africa and India, because of the huge progress it's made on economic and social development in recent years – the success in lifting people out of poverty, quickly and permanently. In many ways Brazil has done what South Africa and India have attempted, with far less impressive results, and that's the kind of story that really fascinates me – why did it work there? What did Brazil get right? What's the lesson for other developing countries? I can't wait to dig into that."

It won't be all business and serious news, Nolen says, adding "of course, I intend to boost the current level of coverage of bossa nova, surfing, trends in flip flops …"

The newspaper has not yet announced who will be replacing Nolen in New Delhi. This appointment is part of a larger shuffle at The Globe's foreign bureaus. The newspaper's Beijing correspondent Mark MacKinnon is moving to London soon, and a new China correspondent will be announced shortly, Nolen added. The Middle East bureau position is also currently open. 

Tamara Baluja is an award-winning journalist with CBC Vancouver and the 2018 Michener-Deacon fellow for journalism education. She was the associate editor for J-Source from 2013-2014.