J-Source is raising funds to support more regional reporting across the country.



Journalism in Canada is evolving, and our goal with J-Source is to promote national discussions about that evolution. J-Source takes a critical look at the media and reports news about the news with no editorializing. It’s a place where people can talk about the trends, developments and ethical issues in the media in Canada. It gives everyone from well-known journalists to students an opportunity to write about issues that are important to the media.

We are in a critical time of growth with plans to expand our regional reporting with the hiring of more freelance reporters. But we can’t do it alone. You can help us by contributing and by spreading the word about our fundraising campaign #supportJSource and go here to learn more about the J-Source fundraising campaign.


Your support will help us build a better J-Source that will continue to deliver vital news on our industry for a long time to come.


We would also be grateful for your help in spreading the word about our project. For those of you on Twitter, you can find us at @JSource.

Christopher Waddell, Publisher