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    Supreme Court ruling makes need for Competition Act reform urgent

    History’s habit of repeating itself has once again hamstrung Canadian antitrust law when it comes to preventing media monopolies. This time, however, the Supreme Court of Canada has left the door wide open to further increases in our already world-leading
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    Year of reckoning looms for Canada’s newspapers

    As 2018 dawns, it’s clear that Canada’s news media are in danger of lurching into the abyss unless Ottawa takes action soon. Enforcing our country’s anti-trust laws to stop the corporate consolidation and cutbacks in local news coverage would help…
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    Postmedia’s promises prove practically worthless

    By Marc Edge And so the Great Canadian Newspaper Roll-up has begun. This was predictable once the Competition Bureau rubber-stamped Postmedia Network’s $316-million takeover of Sun Media last year. As a result, Postmedia now publishes 37.4 per cent of Canadian…