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  • Webinar: Working Toward Equity

    Kate Monro shares how C Magazine addresses its commitment to equity by embedding principles of anti-oppression and meaningful inclusion into its strategic plan, organizational culture and programs.
  • Reimagining Campus Media

    Attend CUP's first equity reporting workshop where we discuss how to report on key campus issues like anti-Blackness, policing, ableism, trans/gender issues and more.
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    Equity and community in local news: Lessons learned in 2020

    As news organizations and the nation have responded to the coronavirus pandemic and the protests following the murder by police of George Floyd, journalists have increasingly confronted the need for newsroom equity and a truer relationship with the communities they serve.
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    Equity & ethics in data journalism: Hands-on approaches to getting your data right

    This course will guide you hands-on through the process of learning to identify inequity and hidden bias at seven key stages of the data journalism lifecycle.