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  • Decolonizing Journalism: Disrupting Euro-centric practices of newsgathering through four lenses: Indigenous, Black Lives, Francophone, Global South A 12-week online course at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, facilitated by these journalists and lead instructor Shenaz Kermalli. Desmond Cole Journalist and author Dan David Journalist and trainer Shree Paradkar Columnist, The Toronto Star Lela Savié Publisher, La Converse U of T School of Continuing Studies

    New online course teaches lessons on decolonizing journalism

    Led by five journalists, the University of Toronto course focuses on challenging eurocentric narratives in Canadian media 
  • Big Voices

    At a time when a range of voices and perspectives are available across multiple platforms, and a choice word or angle can be a landmine—setting off a barrage of online hate—what does it take to be a columnist and how has the role evolved in a fraught social media environment where attacks inordinately target women and racialized journalists?
  • Article Club: How Do We Fix Our Newsrooms?

    Join the conversation with: Pacinthe Mattar, journalist and author of the article, “Objectivity Is a Privilege Afforded to White Journalists” Waubgeshig Rice, journalist and author of the article, “Letter to a Young Indigenous Journalist” Shree Paradkar, columnist and ombud at…
  • Memo: Shree Paradkar named ‘first internal ombud’ at the Toronto Star

    ‘This role will provide a safe place for BIPOC journalists and all journalists to express editorial-related discrimination and bias concerns if they don’t feel comfortable bringing it to their manager directly.’