Publishing a scoop-filled story about finding Karla Homolka has earned the author 10 times more than a magazine-writing fee, according to an article in the Star.

The Star reports Paula Todd's ebook has sold as many as 70,000 copies, generating as much as $200,000 in gross sales revenue.

Todd's publisher/agent, Derek Finkle – himself, a former magazine writer and editor – said her 14,000 word ebook is also having more impact. He said Finding Karla is the number one non-fiction singles bestseller on Amazon Kindle’s  list and No. 5 on Kobo’s e-books list.


Todd, an independent journalist who has worked for CTV, TVO and the Toronto Star, found the former wife of convicted killer Paul Bernando in the Caribbean but knew other reporters were close behind,

"I didn't have the luxury of waiting a year for it to see rint as a real book , or two or three months …in a magazine," Todd told the Star.