Union says their position is that they are at a roadblock that they hope can be cleared with better language.

The following memo was sent to members of Unifor 87-M’s Toronto Star unit on July 22, from Unit Chair Steve Gjorkes, Vice Chair Jim Rankin, Secretary Sara Mojtehedzadeh, and Membership Secretary Donovan Vincent. 

After reviewing correspondence from the company, your union has decided it is not in members’ best interests to sign on, as is.

A week ago, your union believed the company’s plan to bring in an independent facilitator to review newsroom culture had merit and that the union should participate.

Since then, the company shared with us a memorandum of agreement around the facilitation process. After a close review, your union has decided it does not agree with the terms and conditions set out in the memorandum of agreement. In our view, signing the agreement is not in the best interests of our members. We told the company of this today, in writing.

In a later note to staff today, John Honderich and Michael Cooke said, that in light of the union having “withdrawn its support” from the process, the review is on hold.

The union’s position is that we are at a roadblock that we hope can be cleared with better language. We would prefer to participate and continue to see merit in the company’s proposed review. We were, frankly, surprised that the company would place the review on hold. With or without the union’s participation, we believe the company can and should review newsroom culture, and encourage members who wish to take part in any review to do so.

Your union continues to pursue a policy, or group, grievance that raises similar issues and continues with its call for an independent third party investigation.

We remain committed to ensuring the Star’s culture is healthy and creative. If you have any questions, come see us.


Steve Gjorkes (Unit Chair), Jim Rankin (Vice Chair), Sara Mojtehedzadeh (Secretary), Donovan Vincent (Membership Secretary)