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    CBC ombudsperson: Opinions on Islamophobia

    'Context and insight comes in many different forms. Sometimes it emerges from deep research into a subject. Sometimes it comes from the experience of a reporter who’s covered an issue for many years. And sometimes it comes from a journalist’s own life experience'
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    CBC Ombudsperson: Science and nuance

    My latest review examines how CBC covered the debate about the primary way COVID-19 is spread: airborne, or via respiratory droplets? One particular story last spring said that Canadian scientist Dr. John Conly was “under fire” by other researchers, and a number of that scientist’s colleagues complained that the public broadcaster was guilty of “character assassination”.
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    CBC Ombudsperson: CBC coverage of the Epoch Times

    When CBC News reported on the way the Epoch Times was covering issues related to the coronavirus pandemic, it inspired dozens of complaints. Reader David Tencer wrote that CBC had done a “smear job” on the newspaper, and his complaint is the subject of my latest review.
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    CBC Ombudsperson: Fuss over fluoride

    The complainant, Jack Locke, thought that a story on the World at Six took sides in a running controversy over adding fluoride to drinking water. As a long-time opponent of fluoridation, he found that hard to swallow.
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    CBC Ombudsperson: Yellow Vests and logistics

    The complainant, Kyle Mytruk, felt CBC’s approach to covering a protest by Manitoba’s yellow vest movement lacked a sufficiently critical eye. My review illustrates the impact that logistics can have on the way reporters tell their story. COMPLAINT You were…
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    Hello from CBC’s new Ombudsperson

    This post was originally published on the CBC’s website on Jan. 7, 2019. This is my first day as CBC’s new Ombudsperson. I’d like to tell you a bit about how I plan to do the job. It starts with…