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    A journalist’s take on reporting with unreliable narrators

    What investigating gambling taught me about accurately bridging gaps between perception and reality
  • GIJN Webinar: Investigating Wildlife Trafficking

    The webinar will cover ways to investigate stories about wildlife trafficking
  • Investigations and the Law: What Journalists Need to Know

     Barbara Wall and Thomas Curley talk about what to expect from your legal team; how to work with a lawyer during the reporting process as well as after it; and what to do if your news organization doesn't have a law firm on retainer.
  • Investigative Reporters and Editors logo

    2020 Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference

    Reboot your skills, recharge your watchdog batteries and reconnect with the world’s largest network of investigative journalists during this year’s gathering in National Harbor, MD. Choose from more than 175 panels, hands-on classes and special presentations. Learn how to improve…
  • J-Source

    Building an Investigative Mindset

    This free, hands-on workshop offers participants tips and tools for working with spreadsheets, mining data, filing access-to-information requests and finding proactive ways to get data other journalists have unearthed as part of their investigations. A laptop is required to participate…
  • Reporting for Indigenous Audiences

    How can Canadian news organizations better engage with and serve Indigenous audiences? Join veteran professionals from Canada’s leading media outlets for a lively panel discussion, followed by a networking reception with journalists from across the country who are taking part…
  • Interviewing secrets from bestselling author and journalist Howard Green

    You learn a thing or two about how to conduct good interviews after doing roughly 14,000 of them on live television. We’ll sit down with long-time BNN anchor Howard Green, whose latest book, Railroader: The Unfiltered Genius and Controversy of…
  • Going undercover justified by compelling public interest

    Toronto Star reporter Sara Mojtehedzadeh explains why she went undercover to tell the stories of temp workers.
  • Big stories from small places

    Small newsrooms are filling important investigative gaps – but it isn’t easy.
  • FOI Friday with Justin Ling

    Join the Canadian Association of Journalists’ Ottawa chapter to learn how to improve your use of the federal Access to Information Act. Justin Ling has recently returned to freelancing after breaking multiple stories with VICE News about the RCMP, CSIS…