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May 08, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Osgoode Hall constitutional law professor Jamie Cameron argues that Tom Flanagan’s public shaming over controversial comments on child pornography was a combination of a professional contrarian’s comeuppance and an irresponsible approach to news-making from some members of the news media.

Apr 28, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Ian Mulgrew, a Vancouver Sun columnist and author of a book about Canada’s marijuana industry, reviews Killer Weed, a new academic study that claims newspapers in Vancouver and Victoria have uncritically hyped public health and safety concerns related to marijuana grow-ops. 

Apr 01, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Drawing from extensive interviews with more than 100 key players in Canadian and British broadcast newsrooms, Rena Bivens’s Digital Currents is rich with insider examples and perspectives on the roadblocks and the rewards of making TV news in the digital age. Concordia University’s Corrine Smith reviews the book.

Mar 21, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Duffy: Stardom to Senate to Scandal is well-researched and elegantly written biography of Mike Duffy, from his days as an ambitious kid and his climb out of the Maritimes, to becoming a journalist and senator. Veteran Ottawa journalist Mark Bourrie reviews the book.

Mar 13, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

It’s not easy to report on the Fords, writes Jan Wong, but the Toronto Star’s Robyn Doolittle is a journalist who has gotten the story right, over and over again. And yet the public either refuses to believe her or doesn’t care. As she puts it, the trust-me era for journalism is over. 

Feb 24, 2014 - Posted by Mary-Katherine Boss

Kathy English questions Alain de Botton's credibility as a "user's source" on the news after the release of his new book where he suggests that journalists should value artistry and persuasion over accuracy.

Feb 20, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Dan Rowe, coordinator of Humber College’s Bachelor of Journalism program and former Quill & Quire news editor, takes over the book review section.

Feb 10, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Edited by Craig Silverman, the founder and editor of Regret the Error, The Verification Handbook contains case studies written by various journalists working in digital media. The book is easy to read, with parts of it resembling a Storify piece with embedded tweets and photos to illustrate points, writes Diana Pereira. 

Oct 22, 2013 - Posted by Bruce Gillespie

Former Canadian Press journalist Catherine McKercher writes that Allen’s book is a thorough chronological analysis of the first 50 years of Canadian Press. She hopes for a sequel.

Oct 07, 2013 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Michael Maclear is not as well-known as he should be, writes David Common, host of CBC’s World Report, in this review of the journalist’s latest book Guerilla Nation. But that’s a shame because Maclear’s tales of North Vietnam, as well as his struggles with Canada’s public broadcaster, are riveting.

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Dan Rowe is the coordinator of Humber College’s Bachelor of Journalism program, in Toronto, and the former news editor of Quill & Quire.