Carleton University's Rwanda journalism exchange is suspended after five years due to lack of funding.  Carleton journalism graduates who went to Rwanda on the program share their disappointment with the news on Twitter. 


An exchange program that allowed many Carleton University journalism students to do internships in Rwanda over the last five years has been suspended.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that the program known as the Rwanda Initiative was suspended for lack of funds.

The program’s founding director, Allan Thompson, a Carleton University journalism professor, says the program sent more than 75 Carleton journalism students to Rwanda as interns over the last five years, as well as about 100 professional journalists to teach journalism there.

Some of those students who went to Rwanda reacted to the news on Twitter.

@allliiie Very sad day RT @josh_greenberg Carleton's Rwanda Initiative to close due to lack of funding


@laura_payton The end of the Rwanda Initiative at Carleton is upsetting. Never had enough funding but students would pay their own way to be part of it.

@Ottawhine This is a big loss for the program. Carleton's Rwanda Initiative closed due to lack of funding.

@channay Sad news for Carleton j-school students past, present and future: Rwanda Initiative suspended due to lack of funds.

@amkfoote Awful, awful news. A reason people come to CU. Lack of $$$ scuttles Carleton-Rwanda journalism exchange.