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Indigenous Youth and the Media

Zoom Video Webinar

This panel will discuss how to cover stories about and involving First Nations, Métis, and Inuit youth


Podcasting in the Pandemic

Twitter Space

Join Lead Podcasting on Twitter Spaces for a discussion about podcasting in the pandemic


9/11: 20 Years On: Lessons Learned in Global Journalism


The 9/11 attacks compelled news organizations and journalists to rethink their coverage, from creating a security beat, to ethical questions of sending or using freelancers in danger zones, to how to cover those who were accused—just a few issues among many.

Solutions Journalism 101 Webinar


This Solutions Journalism Network webinar will explore the ins and outs of solutions journalism, talk about why it’s important, explain key steps in reporting a solutions story, and share tips and resources for journalists interested in investigating how people are responding to social problems